Prem Cables offers a plethora of world-class products & solutions for high performance power and energy transmission applications

our team of researchers continuously explores the possibilities to improve the current carrying capacities of the line-up. Armed with the latest technologies, the team is committed to the development of high quality products that are on-par with the international and domestic quality standards such as BIS, SS, EN, DIN, BS, IEC, ASTM and many more.

We at prem cables are dedicated to meeting the market demands while catering to the growing markets of transmission and distribution segments.
36000 KM/ANNUM
AB CABLE: Distribution Application

LT-up to 1.1 KV: Low Tension Cables
These low tension cables are primarily used to supply power to large motors and other industrial equipment. The cables are manufactured for a voltage range upto 1.1 kV for IEC and BS specifications.
25000 MT/ANNUM
EC RODS: Electrolytic Grade Used For Conductors, Cables And Transformation Applications.

6XXX SERIES RODS: Silicon Magnesium Alloy Used For Alloy Conductors And AB Cables.
EC Grade Aluminium Wire Rods are used in manufacturing of All Aluminium Conductors, Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced, LT & HT cables and Transformer Wires & Strips.
41000 MT/ANNUM
ACSR: Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced

ACSS: Aluminium Conductor With Steel Reinforced

ACAR: Aluminium Conductor Alloy Reinforced

AL59: Swedish Alloy With 59% Conductivity
The use of (ACSR) Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced has increased dramatically in the last few years.

Research based evidence has proven that stranding of high purity Aluminium conducting portion around a steel core produce better results.

ACSR conductors are widely used for electrical power transmission over long distances, since they are ideal for Long overhead lines spans. They are also used as a messenger for supporting overhead electrical cables.
41000 MT/ANNUM
AAC: All Aluminium Conductor

AAAC: All Aluminium Alloy Conductor

LSCC: Low Sag Composite Core Conductor

COMPACT CONDUCTORS-8176: For Cable Applications
(AAC) All Aluminium Conductors consist of hard drawn aluminium wires that are stranded in successive layers, in opposite direction to form the aluminium stranded AAC conductor.

AAC are mainly used for aerial distribution lines that have relatively short spans, aerial feeders and bus bars of substations.
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