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Since inception the company believed in investing in social activities for a better tomorrow. We strongly feel it is our responsibility to make every day count and make every life better which is why social responsibility is one of our core objectives. Our initiatives are focused towards providing a better environment and power generation. Prem Cables is highly motivated for use of clean energy and has established several wind mills of 5.70 MW in Jaisalmer.

In our efforts to help the society, a charitable trust by the name “PARAS RAJ BOHRA MEMORIAL TRUST” is set up in memory of our founder chairman Late Shri Paras Raj. G. Shah. The hospital provides a range of services from general health check-ups, operations and even plastic surgeries free of cost. We believe in developing the company as well as everyone around us and our efforts are aimed to provide the less fortunate with better living standards. To empower the youth and for their future, we have built a higher secondary school and donated the building to the local government body for daily operations.


The same integrity has led to us build the Nanesh PG memorial hospital, an allopathic care hospital situated at Pipalia Kalan, Rajasthan. The hospital provides free consultation services and medications. A full-fledged mobile hospital with state of the art pathological lab, operation theaters, and other health care services is also sponsored by the trust.

We are ever aware of our obligation to the society. This is why our hospital services are completely free to the villagers. The hospital has a pediatrician, gynecologist, and pathologist available 24/7 and there are also regular doctors for Surgeons, Dentist, orthopedic, etc. The hospital is fully operational with a 50 bedded system with modern equipment, all maintained and overseen by an expert staff of nurses, ward boys, and pathological teams. By providing to the public; we have successfully increased the health standards set around us.